Why is DORADO Racing Between Shelves?


Multi shuttle


It is a ROBO multi shuttle product; Ranked among the top 4 domestic logistics well-known brands (shuttles) in 2022, it has high adaptability and flexibility. The existing warehouse space can be optimized by changing the working roadway with a hoist, which is suitable for the storage and retrieval of material boxes and goods in situations with a large number of SKUs. When necessary, the scheduling method of forming a task concentrated area operation fleet can be used to cope with the peak of the system, solve the bottleneck of inbound and outbound operations, achieve high-density and efficient container access, and endow the project layout with great flexibility and diversity.

1. Product parameters

Rated load                   50kg
Conveying unit             bin
Operating speed          4m/s
Acceleration                 2m/s ²
Product series             single deep, double deep, single double mixed, variable width
Temperature range     -30 to 40

2. Product features
DORADO has the characteristics of high efficiency, low consumption, and flexibility, and is highly favored by the market due to its advantages such as dense storage, efficient sorting, and flexible configuration.

High efficiency
High reliability, good stability, and fast operation speed can greatly improve work efficiency and achieve efficient utilization of available storage space

Low consumption
Charging with sliding contact wire/fast charging battery
The minimum energy consumption of a single multi threading trolley is 1.5kw

High positioning accuracy, can be controlled within ±1mm. When the goods are displaced, DORADO can detect and identify the location of the fault through intelligent sensing. Innovative scheduling algorithms can flexibly configure the number of multi shuttles according to actual needs, and adjust the inbound and outbound capacity.

At present, the ROBO multi shuttle vehicle DORADO has overcome low-temperature barriers and can be applied in cold storage logistics scenarios such as pharmaceuticals and cold chains, helping customers in various industries to intelligently upgrade their logistics warehousing links and achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase throughout the entire process.



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