Congratulate! Inform Storage was Awarded the Vice Chairman Company of Jiangsu Cold Chain Society.


On June 28, 2022, the awarding ceremony of Jiangsu Cold Chain Society was successfully held, and Inform Storage was awarded the vice chairman company! Dai Kangsheng, Minister of Publicity and Development Department of Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, Wang Yan, Office Director, and others attended the ceremony, accompanied by Zheng Jie, General Manager of Inform Storage Automation Sales, Gu Tao, Marketing Director, and Xiang Xu, Head of Public Relations.



Dai Kangsheng, director of the Publicity and Development Department of the Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, said in the awarding ceremony: The “Fourteen Five-Year Plan” cold chain logistics development plan has carried out top-level design and support for the development of the cold chain industry from the policy level. The cold chain industry is developing rapidly! “

As a well-known warehousing equipment supplier for cold chain logistics, Inform Storage has advanced technical level and rich experience in project implementation in the fields of cold chain food, cold chain medicine, and cold chain logistics and warehousing. It has created a number of cold chain industry benchmark projects, such as Hangzhou Xiasha Meat Cold Chain Center (ASRS stacker crane), Keyu Intelligent Cold Chain Middle Warehouse (Automated Warehouse), Wuhan Optical Valley Cold Chain Center, Xinji Haowei Logistics Automated Cold Warehouse and other projects.

Cold chain industry benchmarking project

This time, Inform Storage was awarded the vice-chairman company of Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, aiming to hope that Inform Storage will continue to play a “leading role” in the cold chain industry. Coordinate and integrate regional cold chain industry resources, digital intelligence empowers cold chain enterprises to upgrade warehousing, and continuously promote the development of the regional cold chain industry.

Gu Tao, Marketing Director of Inform Storage, said: “The cold chain industry is one of the key industries that Inform Storage focuses on, and its cooperative customers include many well-known cold chain companies. Inform Storage can provide cold chain enterprises with one-stop full life cycle services for smart warehousing from program planning and design to integrated implementation, warehousing operation and maintenance, and after-sales service! ’’

As a communication link between upstream and downstream enterprises in the cold chain industry and an integration platform for resource information, the Jiangsu Cold Chain Society plays an irreplaceable role in the formulation of industry standards and technical exchanges and cooperation. It is expected that the association will further play its role in the future, build a bridge for industry-university-research exchanges and scenario application research, and create more opportunities for enterprise cooperation.

Under the witness of the participants, Dai Kangsheng, Minister of Publicity and Development Department of Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, awarded Nanjing Inform Storage with a license! Afterwards, a group of people from Jiangsu Cold Chain Society, accompanied by the leaders of Inform Storage, visited Inform Storage’s intelligent factory in Jiangning District.

In the future, Inform Storage will continue to deepen the “N+1+N” strategy, continue to innovate and optimize, and provide storage products and better solutions that meet more application scenarios for customers in the cold chain industry. With diversified cooperation models, we will work with upstream and downstream enterprises in the cold chain industry to jointly promote the prosperity and development of the industry!




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Post time: Jun-30-2022

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