How can Inform Open a New Chapter in Development by Building Solid Innovation?


1. Global market layout, new breakthroughs in orders
In 2022, the amount of new orders signed by the group will increase by about 50% year on year
, mainly from new energy (lithium battery and its industrial chain, photovoltaic, Alternative fuel vehicle, etc.), food cold chain, intelligent manufacturing, cross-border e-commerce, rubber tires, new ceramic materials, semiconductors, textiles and other industrial customers.

The new energy industry saw a year-on-year increase of approximately 147% in orders, while the cold chain industry (including central kitchens) saw a year-on-year increase of 71%. The technological, financial, and scale advantages of the leading enterprises in various industries where the company’s customers are located have emerged, and the market is gradually concentrated towards leading enterprises in various industries. The company has also established closer cooperative relationships with top customers in the aforementioned industries.

2. Multiple innovative technologies leading industry development
In 2022, the Inform storage intelligent logistics robot and intelligent software platform will make a number of technological innovation breakthroughs, and various cutting-edge technologies will be widely applied and implemented, including AI artificial intelligence, 5G technology, digital twins, Big data analysis, etc. Obtained 20 soft works, 1 patent, and 3 utility model patent authorizations.

1) Intelligent software platform
Build a warehouse management platform, integrate WMS, WCS and other systems, adopt the Microservices architecture, break up the whole into parts, and create modules by plugging in and out to meet the flexible needs of customers The newly developed DPS picking system supports docking with automated equipment such as AGV, stacker crane, etc., and cooperates with electronic tag prompts to guide manual fruit picking/seeding picking and the whole process of paperless office operation.



Intelligent logistics robot
In 2022, based on the scenario application research of the “Industrial Grade 5G+Intelligent Handling Robot” demonstration platform, integrating the characteristics of 5G low latency, wide coverage, large connection, and anti-interference, the Inform storage shuttle, AGV, stacker crane, etc. are more intelligent and agile, and can adapt to more diverse and complex application scenarios.

The third-generation four-way radio shuttle has been fully upgraded, adopting a more optimized modular design, which is thinner, more stable, and lighter, with a 10% performance improvement. Coupled with the new independently developed third-generation control system of Inform, it can accurately transport every pallet of materials.

3. Benchmark intelligent factories have been successively established
After the 120000 square meter Anhui Inform Intelligent Factory was put into operation, with the introduction of MES and other information systems, the production capacity was released and it was in full load operation; The second phase of the project has been completed, and the Ma’anshan Intelligent Factory will achieve continuous growth in production capacity;

In 2022, Jiangxi Inform Intelligent Factory was officially put into operation, mainly producing products such as ROBOTECH stacker cranes and AMR. The joint team of Inform and ROBOTECH helped to increase its production capacity, with a production capacity of 2000 units per year.

The international market is constantly changing, and the trade environment is full of many variables. With the aim of overcoming various unfavorable factors, Inform Storage has focused on exploring the Southeast Asian market, building the first intelligent factory overseas – the Thailand Inform Factory, and establishing an international marketing team to respond to the strong demand for orders in overseas markets, laying a solid foundation for Inform Storage to establish a global sales network and after-sales service system.

The intelligent factories with strategic layout for Inform storage have been successively implemented, greatly improving the production capacity and delivery time issues of audio storage, while also improving product quality and customer service satisfaction.

4-1Jiangxi Factory

5-1Thailand Factory

6-1Anhui Factory

4. Building a digital supply chain system
In 2022, the SAP systems of Ma’anshan Intelligent Factory and Jiangxi Intelligent Factory were launched, and production data analysis and management were achieved through a digital intelligence engine. Based on this, they were extended to production line modules such as order management, product quality management, equipment management, and energy management, building a lean production system for intelligent factories. To lay a solid foundation for producing high-precision intelligent logistics equipment, ensuring product quality, and winning brand market reputation!

At the same time, based on industrial level internet platforms, breaking information silos, opening up data channels for modules such as production, sales, product, research and development, and management, building a digital supply chain system for the enterprise. Combined with the group company’s business processes and data connectivity between system platforms, the MES, SRM, and eHR systems are launched to achieve digital and visual enterprise management, and dynamically reflect the business status of the enterprise.

5. Donation to fight against the epidemic and fulfill responsibility
In 2022, with the recurrence of the epidemic, Inform will take multiple measures to store and resume work and production. On the one hand, strengthen prevention and control, coordinate communication through multiple channels, and stabilize the supply chain; On the other hand, despite being in a difficult situation, we still remember the responsibility of the enterprise to the society, and made donations to Ma’anshan City to support the frontline of the epidemic.

6. Full of praise, truly deserving of its name.
In 2022, Inform Storage was successfully awarded the title of “2022 Jiangsu Province Specialized, Refined, and New Small and Medium Enterprises“! Within a year, it has won over ten awards from multiple industry associations and authoritative institutions. The brand’s technical strength has received widespread praise from global customers.



7. Successful projects covering multiple industries

Cold chain industry9-1-1

Other industries10-1-1

Based on innovation and practical work, we strive to forge ahead and achieve every success that is hard won. In the future, we are willing to work with colleagues in the industry to create a magnificent new chapter in the development of the industry!





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