How can the New Energy Industry Realize Changes in the TWh Era?


From June 14th to 16th, the industry-focused 2022 High-tech Lithium Battery Intelligent Manufacturing Summit was held in Changzhou. The conference was hosted by High-tech Lithium Battery, High-tech Robot and High-tech Industrial Research Institute (GGII).

This conference brought together more than 800 intelligent manufacturing industry chain authorities from the fields of batteries, hardware equipment, software systems and other fields of the new energy industry. As an advanced automation solution provider, ROBOTECH was invited to attend this conference with its rich experience in the new energy industry. And discuss the development and integration of the power battery industry ecology in the TWh era with the guests from upstream and downstream of the industry chain.

According to GGII, the demand for robots in the lithium battery industry is expected to exceed 67,000 units by 2025, and the compound growth rate from 2021 to 2025 will exceed 35%. With the rapid development of the industry, battery companies have an increasingly urgent need to improve their digital and intelligent levels. As an effective breakthrough for automation and intelligence in the manufacturing industry, logistics robots have a lot of room for development in the field of new energy.

Due to the complex procedures, high environmental risks, and special product properties of the new energy industry, the demand for equipment has higher safety and stability requirements than other industries. Relying on the core competitiveness of professional and reliable hardware and software system products and “customized service”, ROBOTECH has a complete industrial chain and rich and mature landing experience.

  • Hardware: new energy special stacker crane model
    On the basis of the ZEBRA (Zebra series) stacker crane as a prototype, ROBOTECH has developed a special model for the new energy industry. In view of the problems of the flammable and explosive industry, an armored closed fire extinguishing device is designed. The stacker crane itself is like a fire-fighting facility. When a situation occurs, the hidden dangers are digested in the equipment body through the stacking explosion-proof device. It has the special function of predicting and digesting flammable and explosive. It can be introduced flexibly and deployed efficiently without the need for special modifications to the on-site environment.


  • Software: WCS/WMS software system
    Aiming at the problems of intelligent processing and operation and maintenance of a large amount of data generated in the whole production process in the new energy industry, ROBOTECH WCS and WMS software systems can seamlessly connect with customers’ MES, ERP and other systems. Intelligent operation with high precision and quick response. The whole process of data closed-loop, lean collaborative production, to provide customers with more efficient and intelligent system solutions.

The perfect combination of software and hardware can not only meet the high requirements of customers in the new energy industry for product safety, reliability, and practicability, but also customize automated logistics equipment with the highest degree of adaptation based on the different needs of different customers. In the new energy industry, we have accumulated a large number of leading enterprise customers, covering from the front-end raw materials, middle-stage batteries (cells) to the rear-stage battery pack production line, and then to the whole industry chain intelligent logistics solutions for new energy vehicles.

Deep understanding of the industry and rich project experience. It enables ROBOTECH to truly take customer needs as the entry point and help the entire new energy industry chain to build a digital intelligent factory. In the future, ROBOTECH will continue to study various segments of new energy and unlock the multi-dimensional needs of customers in various scenarios.




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Post time: Jul-08-2022

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