How does ROBOTECH Support the Warehousing Development of the Food and Beverage Industry?


Inform storage stacker crane

With the acceleration of modern life pace, beverage enterprises have increasingly higher requirements in warehousing management.

1.Project background
With the increasingly fierce market competition, how to improve logistics efficiency, reduce costs, and ensure supply chain stability has become an urgent problem that the enterprise needs to solve.

The enterprise has chosen to integrate with New Star and ROBOTECH as its project partner to plan and design a new warehouse in Jinan. By introducing ROBOTECH’s automation core equipment, the stacker crane system, we will jointly build a large intelligent beverage warehouse of 10000 square meters.

2.Project challenge:
The original warehousing system of the enterprise in Jinan base faces multiple challenges such as insufficient storage space, low efficiency, and high labor costs. This not only affects production efficiency, but also poses a threat to its market competitiveness.

3.ROBOTECH solution
   - 16 track aisle stacker cranes
   - Including 12 single depth stacker cranes and 4 double depth stacker cranes
   - L1200W1000H1610mm
   - 26.6 meters & 1200KG & 160 m/min & 40 m/min
   - High-density and efficient cargo storage and transportation

In order to ensure efficient transportation of goods, ROBOTECH has equipped the project with 16 track aisle stacker cranes, including 12 single depth stacker cranes and 4 double depth stacker cranes, mainly responsible for the storage and retrieval of goods inside the warehouse. The pallet size of the system is L1200W1000H1610mm, which fully complies with the specific standards of the enterprise’s products, ensuring the accuracy and efficiency of goods storage and retrieval. The height of the stacker crane reaches 26.6 meters, with a super strong load capacity of 1200KG, a horizontal operating speed of up to 160 m/min, and a lifting speed of up to 40 m/min, fully meeting the enterprise’s demand for high-density and efficient cargo storage and transportation. It maximizes the utilization of warehouse storage space, significantly improves cargo storage density, and optimizes spatial layout.

Inform storage stacker crane system

4.Project implementation effect
1)Storage capacity leap
With the optimized layout and efficient management of intelligent storage systems, storage capacity has increased by an astonishing 350%, providing a solid support for future business expansion.

2)Delivery efficiency soars
Intelligent systems make the delivery process smoother, increasing delivery efficiency by 30%, ensuring fast response and on-time delivery of orders.

3)Reduced labor costs
Intelligent automation has replaced some manual operations, reduced labor demand, reduced labor costs by 50%, and saved a lot of cost expenditures for enterprises.

4)Job safety improvement
Automated operations have reduced on-site safety hazards, made work areas more orderly, and significantly improved the safety level of the entire warehouse, effectively avoiding potential safety accidents.

Inform storage stacker crane systems

The implementation of the food and beverage giant Jinan’s intelligent automated warehouse not only enhances its own competitiveness, but also sets a model of intelligent and efficient warehousing management for the entire food and beverage industry. With the continuous progress of technology and the expansion of application scope, intelligent warehousing will become an inevitable trend in the development of the industry.

In the future, ROBOTECH will continue to deeply cultivate the food and beverage industry, continuously explore and innovate, and empower enterprises with more intelligent and efficient smart logistics solutions.





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