Inform Storage Won the Top Ten System Integrators in the Warehousing and Logistics Industry in 2022


On August 4th, the 2022 (5th) High-tech Robot Integrator Conference and the Top Ten Integrators Award Ceremony was grandly held in Shenzhen. Inform Storage was invited to attend the conference and won the 2022 Top 10 System Integrator Award in the warehousing and logistics industry.



At present, the development speed of the industry is accelerating, and the technical iteration cycle of automation, digitalization and intelligent products is further shortened. With the ups and downs of internal and external competitive environment, how integrators, robot companies, terminal companies and upstream and downstream companies in the industrial chain can create a benign and orderly industrial ecosystem and create their own unique differentiated competitive advantages under this ecosystem is an urgent need to deepen question of thinking.

 Storage is a well-known enterprise in the field of smart logistics and smart manufacturing. It has made outstanding contributions to the development of the industry in many fields such as standard formulation and technological innovation. It is well deserved to win the 2022 Top Ten System Integrators in the Warehousing and Logistics Industry.

Nanjing Inform Storage Group, stock code 603066, was established in 1997, listed in 2015, and will become a state-owned holding company in 2021. Headquartered in Nanjing, Jiangsu, the company has 5 R&D centers and 8 production bases around the world. Its business covers intelligent logistics robots, intelligent software, high-precision shelves and other modular products and integrated services, and its sales network covers the world. With a number of leading core technologies, it can meet the needs of providing one-stop smart logistics ecosystem solutions for global customers. The company has maintained good cooperative relations with a large number of well-known enterprises for a long time, and has rich solutions and integration experience in various industries.

  • Product system
    It has intelligent warehousing system solutions and product systems covering the entire industry and all scenarios, such as intelligent warehousing subsystems such as stacker cranes and shuttles, and smart software platforms such as WCS/WMS, Eagle Eye 3D platform, and Shennong platform. Truly achieved hardware technology and software strength complement each other.
  • R & D technology
    With 5 R&D centers, it is at the forefront of the industry in cutting-edge technologies and fields such as AI algorithms, 5G, digital twin simulation, big data analysis, and automatic control. The third-generation four-way radio shuttle adopts a modular design and is equipped with an independent research and development control system, and the overall performance is improved by 10%.
  • Production intelligence
    It has 8 production bases around the world, establishes a benchmark for smart factories, and establishes a lean production management system, laying a solid foundation for the manufacture of high-precision, high-quality and high-standard products.
  • After-sales operation and maintenance
    Powerful after-sales operation and maintenance platform and professional after-sales technical team, with service outlets in major cities across the country, providing 7*24 hours consultation hotline service, warehouse remote preventive maintenance, warehouse management, personnel training and other services.
  • Brand power
    Inform Storage has been established for 25 years. It has an extensive customer base, scenario application research foundation and rich industry experience. It has accumulated 20,000+ successful project cases. Its brand strength is strong, and its high-quality products and services have won a good market reputation.
  • Product life cycle services
    Provide customers with product life cycle services such as planning and design, integrated implementation, warehousing operation and maintenance, after-sales service, and data services.


In the future, Inform Storage will continue to be driven by innovation, continuously optimize product structure and system service capabilities, and provide more and better system solutions to assist the digital and intelligent upgrade and development of enterprise warehousing systems, improve quality and efficiency. At the same time, in order to help the industry prosper and develop, and establish a benign, orderly, symbiotic and harmonious industrial ecosystem, it also takes on the important task of leading!



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Post time: Aug-09-2022

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