Intelligent Warehouse System for Auto Parts Industry


Four-way shuttle system: a complete level of cargo location management (WMS) and equipment scheduling capability (WCS) can ensure the stable and efficient operation of the overall system. In order to avoid operation waiting of the four-way radio shuttle and lifter, a buffer conveyor line is designed between the lifter and the rack. The four-way radio shuttle and lifter both transfer the pallets to the buffer conveyor line for transfer operations, thereby improving the operation efficient.

1.Project Overview

This project adopts a four-way radio shuttle compact storage system with 4 levels. The overall plan is 1 lane, 3 four-way radio shuttles, and 2 vertical conveyors. The four-way shuttle can realize level-changing operation, and the system is equipped with an emergency delivery port.

The project has nearly one thousand pallet positions, which can realize automatic warehousing. Supports docking with WMS system, and in and out of the warehouse can be implemented in the WCS system or the on-site ECS operation screen in the emergency status . Pallet labels use barcodes for information management. The external dimension detection and weighing device are designed before storage to ensure the safe storage of goods.

WCS system interface


WMS system interface

System operation capacity: one four-way radio shuttle has a single operating efficiency of 12 pallets/hour, and three four-way radio shuttles have a combined efficiency of 36 pallets/hour.


2. Four-way Radio Shuttle System

The four-way radio shuttle system can be well adapted to special application environments such as low warehouses and irregular shapes, and can meet operation scenarios such as large changes in the efficiency of in and out operations and high efficiency requirements.