More Efficient and Smarter | Inform Contributes to the “SMART” Automation Manufacturing of COSMOS!


Inform Storage provided AS/RS + four-way radio shuttle system solution for Maanshan project of COSMOS Co., Ltd.

1. Customer Introduction

COSMOS Chemical Co., Ltd., established in April 2000, is mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of daily chemical raw materials. The products cover cosmetic active ingredients and their raw materials, synthetic fragrances, etc. COSMOS now has two production bases, located in Suqian City, Jiangsu Province and Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province.

Over the years, COSMOS has adhered to the market-oriented business policy. At present, it has advanced technology, research and development level and product quality in related fields, and has many high-quality customer resources. The products are mainly sold in Europe and the United States, and the main products occupy a large market share of similar products.

2. Project Overview

This project adopts a set of AS/RS and two sets of four-way radio shuttle compact storage system.

The AS/RS has 10 layers. The overall planning is 2 double-deep stacker cranes, and one stacker crane for each aisle. The AS/RS warehouse has a total of 1,500 cargo spaces.

Empty barrel pallet type four-way shuttle compact warehouse has 2layers.Empty barrel compact warehouse has 2 main lanes, 2 pallet type four-way shuttles, 2 lifters, and the lifters can realize layer-changing operation . There are 372 cargo spaces in the compact warehouse.

The raw material pallet type four-way shuttle compact warehouse has the number of layers in 10, the raw material compact warehouse has 1 main road, 2 pallet type four-way shuttles, 1 shuttle vertical conveyor, and the shuttle vertical conveyor can realize changing layer operation. The total storage space of the compact warehouse is 450.