ROBOTECH’s Digital Intelligence Empowerment, Insight into the New Future of Petrochemical Warehousing


On June 29th, the “2023 National Petrochemical Intelligent Storage and Material Handling Technology Conference” hosted by the Chinese Chemical Society was held in Ningbo.

As a globally renowned provider of intelligent logistics solutions, ROBOTECH has been invited to attend this conference due to its extensive project and technical experience in the petrochemical industry.


Liao Huaya, Regional Sales Director of ROBOTECH, gave a keynote speech at the meeting titled “ROBOTECH Digital Intelligence Empowerment, Insight into the New Future of Petrochemical Warehousing”. Focusing on the application characteristics of the petrochemical industry, she shared ROBOTECH’s full process intelligent logistics solutions, empowering the transformation and upgrading of petrochemical enterprises.

Application characteristics of the petrochemical industry:
1. Large load, generally ≥ 1500kg;
2. The cargo type is high, with a height generally greater than 2200mm;
3. The warehouse height is generally higher than 25m;
4. High environmental requirements: -5 to 50 ℃, high humidity, high salinity;
5. High requirements for storage and storage efficiency.

ROBOTECH product solutions:
1. Adopting a double column stacker crane to meet the stability and reliability requirements of heavy-duty and ultra-high cargo types;

2. Use high-quality paint according to C2 environmental requirements;
3. The reduction motor adopts OS2 anti-corrosion;
4. Using anti rust wax instead of blackening and galvanizing to prevent corrosion of machined parts;
5. The ground cabinet is equipped with air conditioning to meet the environmental issues of high humidity and high salinity.

For the application of ultra-high stacker cranes in the petrochemical industry, ROBOTECH has added SINAMICS S120 anti swing function. Through this drive system, the swing of the stacker crane during startup and shutdown can be reduced without adding any hardware, greatly improving the operational stability of the stacker crane equipment. At the same time, the buffer zone is reduced, and the maximum operating speed can reach 360 meters/minute, greatly improving the system’s operational efficiency.

As of now, in the petrochemical industry, ROBOTECH has successfully served multiple well-known enterprises, providing over 100 stacker crane products.In the future, ROBOTECH will continue to maintain its leading position in technology, providing high-level and high-tech intelligent logistics equipment and management systems for petrochemical enterprises. Through deepening the interconnection of automation equipment, it is committed to meeting the growing warehousing and logistics needs of the petrochemical industry, helping enterprises reduce costs and increase efficiency, achieving digital upgrades, and jointly creating a new chapter in intelligent management of petrochemical warehousing.




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Post time: Jul-11-2023

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