Where to Extend the Space? Inform Compact Storage Answers You


At the 2021 (2nd) Advanced Mobile Robot Annual Conference, Gu Tao, Director of Inform Storage Engineering Technology Center, delivered a speech entitled “Application and Development of Compact Storage”. He explained the development and evolution of intelligent logistics from multiple aspects such as warehousing type, market demand, and technological innovation and he shared the application research of Inform Storage in compact warehouse in related industry scenarios and the innovative exploration of the future development of compact storage.


Scenario application: Extend warehouse space and improve efficiency

In the scene application of production enterprises and third-party logistics, the advantages of compact warehousing can be more demonstrated. In these application scenarios, the production method of goods and the way of inbound and outbound of goods show the characteristics of less variety, high frequency, and large batches. The dense storage system, with its higher density, smarter, and more efficient entry and exit mode, can effectively improve space storage utilization and operational efficiency.

Gu Tao emphasized: “Store more goods in a limited space or per unit area, and realize efficient inbound, storage, picking, and outgoing through smart equipment. This means that the use of storage space is extended and operational efficiency is increased at the same time. This must bring increased benefits to the enterprise.”

Take the Inform radio shuttle system (for pallet) as an example, the system is usually composed of shuttle, lifter, conveyor or AGV, compact storage racking and WMS, WCS systems, which can realize 24-hour fully automated batch pallet operations. It is suitable for low-flow and high-density storage as well as high-flow and low-density storage; the system has high flexibility, strong scalability, multiplied efficiency, and storage space utilization reaches up to 95%.

Talking about more specific solutions, Gu Tao analyzed: “The four-way multi shuttle system (for box) is only one of the solutions to achieve compact storage. In specific cases, we will tailor-made compact storage system solutions for customers, comprehensively considering customer demands, industry characteristics, warehouse conditions, product characteristics and other factors.”


Project cases: Multiple industries fully covered

The finish of the product depends on the implementation of the project, and the implementation of the specific project represents the technical strength of the enterprise. Up to now, Inform Storage has completed more than 10,000 projects, and maintain good cooperative relations with JD.com, Suning, Huawei, Tesla, FAW, and a large number of well-known enterprises in the long term, so Inform has rich experience in project service.


Upgrade and iteration: Inform ingenuity for best

Take the iteration of Inform Storage intelligent logistics robot products as an example. Inform Storage takes the firstly adopting lightweight design, applying new materials, saving energy and reducing consumption and it is also in line with the strategic direction of the national dual-carbon goal. Subsequently, modular design facilitates equipment maintenance, and iterative system upgrades are more convenient. In terms of sensing technology and control technology, the third-generation control system independently developed by Inform has achieved remarkable results, enabling Inform intelligent logistics robots to obtain more external information in real time during operation, fully perceive changes in the surrounding state, and make accurate judgment and precise action.

In the upgrade iteration of the compact storage system, Inform Storage has strengthened the globalization capabilities of the storage system through multiple vehicle collaboration and the application of intelligent algorithms, and made scheduling more precise.


Gu Tao finally said: “From drive-in racking to mobile racking, shuttles, to four-way shuttles, compact storage has been progressing, and the industry is also developing and progressing.


In the wave of industry development, Inform Storage is willing to work with peers to communicate with each other and deepen cooperation, while continuing to give full play to its own advantages, focusing on the innovative research and development of intelligent storage equipment, so as to bring more value to the industry and customers.




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