Witness the Strength: Inform Four-way Radio Shuttle System in Special Warehouse Condition


In recent years, the four-way radio shuttle has been well used in the electric power, food, medicine, cold chain and other industries. It has material handling capability in X-axis and Y-axis and high flexibility and especially suitable for special-shaped warehouse layouts. High-density storage is also suitable for operation modes with more product specifications and fewer batches.

Four-way radio shuttle system: a complete level of cargo position management (WMS) and equipment dispatching capability (WCS), it can ensure the stable and efficient operation of the overall system. In order to avoid waiting for the operation of the four-way radio shuttle and lifter, a buffer conveyor line is designed between the lifter and the rack. The four-way radio shuttle and lifter both transfer the pallets to the buffer conveyor line for transfer operations, thereby improving the operation efficient.

Recently, Inform Storage and Hangzhou Dechuang Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on a power maintenance company’s storage of electric power emergency repair materials. The project adopts a four-way radio shuttle system. This system is an efficient storage solution that can perform fast and accurate sorting as well as picking operations, which saves space and have greater flexibility.

1.  Project overview

This project uses the four-way radio shuttle compact storage system to store goods. The number of shelves is 4 layers, and the total number of pallet position is 304. It possesses 4 mother lanes, 1 four-way radio shuttle, and 1vertical conveyor for four-way radio shuttle.


The specific layout is as follows:


Difficulties of the project:

1). The centralized load on the floor of the warehouse is not enough; (the customer warehouse is the building warehouse, and there is a parking garage under the warehouse)

Solution: Lay H-beam steel on the ground and connect it into a steel net, and put the racking up right foot on the steel net, which effectively reduces the concentrated load of racking to the ground, and solves the problem of insufficient ground load;

2). The height of the cargo is 2750mm, and the tall cargo is easy to overturn during the transportation process in the warehouse area;

Solution: Avoid it through high-performance equipment and high-precision racking. Four-way radio shuttles, lifter and other handling equipment run smoothly, with stable performance, and high accuracy on racking production and installation.


2.  Four-way radio shuttle system

The four-way radio shuttle is an intelligent device used for pallet cargo handling. It can achieve both vertical and horizontal walking, and can reach any position in the warehouse; the horizontal movement and retrieval of goods in the racking is only done by one four-way radio shuttle, and the level of system automation is greatly improved through the lifter to change layer. It is a new generation of intelligent handling equipment for pallet-type compact storage solutions.

The four-way radio shuttle system can be well adapted to special application environments such as low warehouses and in irregular shapes, and can meet operating scenarios such as large changes in the efficiency of in and out of the warehouse and high requirements for maximum efficiency. Since the four-way radio shuttle system can realize flexible project expansion and equipment increase, it can meet the needs of customers to carry out in terms and reduce customer investment pressure.