Plant and Production Capacity

INFORM invest 8 Million Euro import 4 world-wide leading fully Automatic roll forming production lines

High precision / High efficiency / High flexibility / Tolerance on length 1mm/15m, Tolerance on profile±0.5mm

INFORM firstly introduced fullyautomated production equipment to ensure the products of high precision andsmall error. The quality of products far more than domestic counterparts, leading to the international level

Automatic Roll Forming Machine for Uprights Imported from Italy

the whole production line speeds of up to 24 m / min; higher production precision, error control in pitch ± 0.1 mm, length 15 m cumulative error does not exceed ± 0.5 mm.

Automatic Roll Forming Machines for Beams Imported from Italy.
Welding Robots ensuring the European quality standard.

The whole production line speeds of up to 50 m / min, productivity increased by 5 times; he pitch error ± 0.1 mm, the total length of 4 m error does not exceed ± 1mm

Automatic Bending Machines from Italy producing extremely accurate panels.

the whole line speeds of up to 25 m / min. cutting speed can reach 80 m / min. The Finished efficiency forriveting and bending can reach

8 pcs/ min.
For accuracy, pitch, length error control in ± 0.1 mm, cut Errors can be controlled at ± 0.5 mm, the angle error control in ± 0.5 degrees.

High quality Powder coating with material Nippon brand powder,powder spread evenly, no dead ends groove, smooth surface, good gloss. film thickness, bright colors. Can be placed outside anddoes not fade for long time.

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