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1. VNA(very narrow aisle) racking is a smart design to utilize warehouse high space adequately. It can be designed up to 15m high, while aisle width is only 1.6m-2m, increases storage capacity greatly.

2. VNA is suggested to be equipped with guide rail on ground, to help reach truck moves inside of aisle safely, avoiding damage to racking unit.

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Product Analysis

Racking type: VNA(very narrow aisle)
Material: Q235/Q355 Steel Certificate CE, ISO
Size: customized Loading: 1000-2000kg/pallet
Surface treatment: powder coating/galvanized Color: RAL color code
Pitch 75mm Place of origin Nanjing, China
Application: pallet storage with a variety of cargoes and large batch

①High storage capacity
VNA is an adaptation of selective pallet racking, the adaptation is mainly narrowing the aisles. So compared with selective pallet racking, its typical advantage is increasing storage capacity without expanding the warehouse space. It also supports to utilize warehouse height very well.

② Flexible operation
VNA racking size(height, width, depth) are adjustable according to pallet size, with strong adaptability to various pallets. Also it's able to ensure 100% access to pallet. So, there is no strict requirement of cargo varieties for storage.

③ Facilities required
Instead of regular forklift, VNA racking should work with reach truck, because of its limitation of narrow aisle. VNA racking is suggested to be equipped with guide rail on ground, or paved magnetic wire line underground, to help reach truck moves inside of aisle safely, to protect your staff, cargo and racking.

④ How to make sure the stability of VNA racking?
Compared with regular selective pallet racking, VNA is often designed higher. How to make sure the high racking stability? Inform has some good suggestion:

Inform storage VNA racking detail drawingAdopting Semi-Embedded type footplate instead of regular footplate

Inform storage very narrow aisle racking projectConnecting portal tie between single row and double row.

Inform storage very narrow aisle rackingInstalling back bracing, especially for single row.

Project cases

Inform storage cheap vna racking Inform storage vna racking system Inform storage RMI CE certificate

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