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1. Shuttle racking system is a semi-automated, high-density pallet storage solution, working with radio shuttle cart and forklift.

2. With a remote control, operator can request radio shuttle cart to load and unload pallet to requested position easily and quickly.

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Product Analysis

Racking type: Shuttle racking
Material: Q235/Q355 Steel Certificate CE, ISO
Size: customized Loading: 500-1500kg/pallet
Surface treatment: powder coating/galvanized Color: RAL color code
Pitch 75mm Place of origin Nanjing, China
Application: Suit for industries like food, chemical, tobacco, beverage, which are with high volume but few types of cargoes(SKU) It's very popular in cold storage, also the correct choice for the enterprises with limited storage space.

① Safe for operation
Shuttle racking system is often compared to drive in racking system, because they are similar racking structure and storage density. However, shuttle racking provides significant advantages. Compared with drive in racking, the structure of shuttle racking is more stable. Operator and forklift don’t need to go inside of racking for pallet loading and unloading, so it’s safer for operation, and brings less damage to racking unit.

② High working efficiency
Forklift carries radio shuttle cart to the rack end, and then it can start to work. The pallet moving is operated by radio shuttle cart instead of forklift operation, so it enjoys high working efficiency.
Cargoes access can be first in first out(FIFO), or first in last out(FILO), reducing waiting time.

③ High space utilization
Shuttle racking is an excellent solution of maximized utilization of warehouse space, because of its deep-lane design and easy access to pallets from the rack ends. It saves warehouse space by eliminating aisles, so pallet storage positions are increased accordingly.
About warehouse space utilization rate, heavy-duty racking is 30%-35%, drive in racking is 60%-70%, while shuttle racking can be up to 80%-85%.

④ Once invested, lifelong benefit
The typical advantage of shuttle racking is the semi-automated storage mode. Compared with other automated storage system, shuttle racking is more comprehensive, and cost-effective. One the basis of same staff numbers, shuttle racking is able to raise working efficiency during actual operation.

Project cases

Inform storage shuttle racking Chemical Industry

Inform storage shuttle pallet racking Beverage Industry

Inform storage pallet shuttle racking Tobacco Industry


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