How to Realize the “Full Process” Intelligence of Cold Chain Warehousing?


Nanjing Inform Storage Group has a deep background in the field of cold chain intelligence. The cold storage project in Hangzhou Development Zone that it has invested in and is responsible for operation is quite representative and meaningful in the industry. The project fully considered the characteristics of the cold chain industry, business model requirements and other characteristics, and implemented the “stacker crane + shuttle” system solution. After the completion of the project, the maximum efficiency of the warehousing system can be exerted, which can realize the rapid storage and retrieval of cold chain goods, and the efficient and precise control of the in and out of the warehouse, as well as highly informatized, automated and intelligent in the whole process from warehousing to distribution. While greatly improving work efficiency, it also saves labor costs and improves work safety.

1.One-stop Cold Chain Service

The cold storage project of Hangzhou Development Zone, located in the cross-border e-commerce park of Hangzhou Economic Development Zone, has the natural advantage of serving the demand for imported fresh, meat and aquatic products in the surrounding area.

The total investment is about USD $50 million to build a low-temperature cold storage with a total storage capacity of 12,000 tons and a cold storage warehouse with 8,000 tons. The area is 30846.82 square meters, the floor area ratio is 1.85, and the building area is 38,000 square meters. .


2.Intelligent Storage System

The cold storage project of Hangzhou Development Zone has built a total of three cold storages and one normal temperature storage, and achieved high utilization, high efficiency and intelligence through an automated storage system.

In terms of cold storage, the three cold storages have a total planning of 16,422 pallet positions, realize automatic in and out through 10 aisles, 7 stacker cranes (including 2 track-changing double depth stacker cranes), 4 radio shuttles and other in and out of the warehouse Conveying equipment.

Regarding the normal temperature warehouse, the general plan of the plan is 8138 pallet positions, and the warehouse can be automatically put in and out through 4 lanes, 4 stacker crane, and in and out conveying equipment.

In terms of solving the problem of tight storage area, through the form of “stacker crane + shuttle”, an automated and high-density storage method is realized, which greatly frees up space and saves land.

The feature of the storage and retrieval of goods is that the “stacker + shuttle” system makes the stacker crane run in the front and back, up and down directions of the main aisle, and the shuttle runs in the sub-aisle, and the two equipment is coordinated through the WCS software scheduling.