New Product Release: PANTHER X’s Strength Interprets High Cost Performance

New product launch


Every technology upgrade is the embodiment of market demand

High reliability, rich configuration, lightweight design, flexibility, modular design, fast delivery, extreme space size

It is suitable for most storage scenarios, and multiple configurations can be used to interpret high cost performance.

PANTHER X is based on the design upgrade of PANTHER series multifunctional pallet stacker crane, integrating European technology and Chinese manufacturing advantages, with excellent performance and return on investment, more reliable, faster and more flexible.

Basic parameters
Load                               1500kg (SD)

                                       1200kg (DD)
Height                             30 m
Running speed               200m/min
Acceleration                    0.5m/s2
Temperature range         -30°C~40°C
Data is the maximum limit of the device

1. Lightweight design
Under the condition of ensuring the strength and rigidity of the column, based on the “equal strength” design theory, the variable cross-section column design and other technical means are adopted to reduce the overall weight by 10% to 25%, so as to reduce the motor energy consumption and save the use cost for customers.

2. Modular design
Based on modular and standardized design, the automatic manufacturing level of the stacker crane is improved to achieve large-scale production, reduce manufacturing costs, and improve quality and delivery speed.

3. Extreme space size
Improve the storage density, so that customers can generate greater value per square meter of land. The minimum height of the first floor is 550 M M (SD)/700 M (DD)

4. Safety and maintenance convenience
Based on the intrinsic safety design concept, reduce the safety risks in the process of equipment use and maintenance. The trunking wiring and quick plug connector connection are adopted, and various safe operation and maintenance platforms are configured to improve the convenience of maintenance.

5. Rich configuration
According to the requirements of different customer groups and standardization requirements, three versions of stacker crane configuration are provided: basic shift, standard version and advanced version.

Provide rich functions and parts brand options to meet different customer needs.

Through lightweight design, PANTHER X is extremely simple and highly standardized to create cost-effective equipment.

Innovation never stops.





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Post time: Nov-09-2022

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