An Exclusive Interview with Jin Yueyue, Chairman of Inform Storage, to Show You the Secrets of the Development of Inform

Recently, Mr. Jin Yueyue, chairman of Inform Storage, was interviewed by the logistics director. Mr. Jin introduced in detail how to seize the development opportunity, follow the trend and innovate the development process of Inform Storage.

In the interview, Director Jin gave detailed answers to how
Inform Storage entered into the field of logistics equipment, what development strategies it had, and how it viewed the logistics development trend, including intelligent warehousing:

To sum up, there are three main points: specialty, breakthrough and cross-border integration.

1. Specialty
After graduating from college, Chairman Jin, who majored in mechanical manufacturing and metal materials, was assigned to Xinjiang Special Automobile Factory to engage in automobile design. Then Chairman Jin went to graduate school and was assigned to Nanjing Steel Rolling Mill after graduation. In Nanjing Steel Rolling Plant, Chairman Jin’s work is related to the processing and manufacturing of cold formed section steel, which is the main process for the production of shelf products, laying the foundation for his later entry into the shelf field.

For such experience, Chairman Jin summarized that, “At that time, the environment was that I was engaged in whatever kind of work I had. Unlike what the society or the market needs now, I was engaged in whatever kind of work. At that time, because I had this kind of skill, I was engaged in shelf manufacturing. Then, from shelf manufacturing to complex storage facilities and equipment, from storage equipment to automatic storage, from automatic storage to intelligent storage, from intelligent storage It is also moving towards logistics services. “

From shelf manufacturing to automated intelligent warehousing, to logistics services, this is a step by step across, but also interrelated.

Chairman Jin introduced to the logistics director that “shelf building is based on my professional skills. With the development of society, the demand for automation has gradually emerged in general warehousing. Therefore, we have added facilities, equipment and software systems for automatic cargo handling to the shelf, forming a warehousing automation system. From warehouse automation system to logistics service, many users actually do not know what kind of automatic warehouse system they should buy. As a manufacturer, we sometimes don’t know whether our system will work well after customers buy it. So when we go into warehouse management or operation as a manufacturer, we can know exactly what kind of equipment should be used. When we enter the field of warehouse service, we can better promote technology improvement and better meet customer needs.

2. B
Looking back on the past five years, Chairman Jin believes that the biggest breakthrough of the storage of Inform is manifested in three aspects: changes in products, changes in market demand and changes in technology.

Nowadays, Inform Storage has two identities: it is not only a logistics equipment manufacturer, but also a warehousing logistics service provider. Such identity also brings different competitive advantages to the storage of Inform. Chairman Jin said to the logistics guide, “Our core capability is the capability of technology and products. Among equipment providers, we should say that we are the first to serve; among service providers, we are equipment providers; unlike most service providers, we have the expertise of technology and products, so we can better serve.”

Inform Storage has always maintained a high degree of market sensitivity. In the face of competition from competitors, how can it innovate to win? Chairman Jin believes that mutual learning is the most convenient way. 

Chairman Jin stressed to the logistics director that “don’t be jealous of others, but seize the dividends brought by the next generation of products”. This also continues the view he gave in the interview before: the survival way of audio storage is to stagger competition and constantly seek development opportunities in the blank market.

3. Cross-border integration
“As a manufacturer or equipment provider, we need to transform into a service provider, while as a service provider, we need to know more about and apply more automation equipment. Therefore, it may be an inevitable choice for our equipment providers to enter the warehousing service field. From the perspective of the macro environment, it is also a trend to transform from an equipment provider to a service provider, and from manufacturing to service.”

In fact, from the perspective of business, there have been many changes in the storage of Inform in recent years, such as entering the storage robot field, such as establishing a supply chain company.

For the establishment of a supply chain company, the reasons given by Inform Storage are: on the one hand, strengthen the company’s supply chain management, reduce the cost of raw materials procurement, improve the turnover rate of raw materials, improve the utilization rate of funds, and further enhance the competitiveness of the main business; On the other hand, we will increase the development of supply chain technology in the future, innovate the intelligent logistics technology application sites, provide excellent supply chain solutions, take advantage of the regional advantages of Chinese shelves and automated storage equipment concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta, expand the company’s upstream domain, open the storage system to the public, provide supply chain management services, and improve the efficiency of supply chain management in surrounding areas.

To sum up, it is to “consolidate the core competitiveness and socialize the service industry.”

Inform Storage has independently developed intelligent handling equipment such four-way radio shuttles and four-way multi shuttles, multi shuttles, attic shuttles, AGV, bin conveyor and WMS, WCS software systems, which can meet the professional and customized needs of customers, provide one-stop procurement services for storage equipment, and strive to become an “international advanced intelligent storage equipment supplier”.

The main businesses of Inform Storage are divided into four categories: warehousing robot system (system integration business), high-precision racking business, operation business and Internet business. At present, it has five major production bases, respectively located in Jiangning, Nanjing, Lishui, Ma’anshan, Chongqing and Tianjin, covering an area of 470 mu, covering the whole country, and its scale is among the first in the country.






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