Interpretation of 2022 Inform Storage Annual Report


2022 is the second year of the three-year doubling plan for the storage of Inform, and it is a connecting year. This year, the core equipment business continued to maintain stable growth, the domestic and foreign system integration business continued to develop and grow, and the business performance continued to maintain a high-speed growth trend.

1. Summary of Annual Report
During the reporting period, the company's operating performance reached a new historical high, with a revenue of 1.541 billion yuan, an increase of 52.75% compared to the same period last year, and maintained a growth rate of over 50% for two consecutive years. The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 133 million yuan, an increase of 5.13% compared to the same period last year; The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company after deducting non recurring gains and losses was 114 million yuan, an increase of 34.07% compared to the same period last year. The newly signed orders amounted to approximately 2.461 billion yuan, an increase of 36.72% compared to last year, mainly from industries such as new energy, food cold chain, paper industry, semiconductors, high-tech ceramics, new materials, and cross-border e-commerce.

2. Business data

   - 1.541 billion yuan & increase of 52.75%
   - 132.6 million yuan & increase of 5.13%
   - 113.7 million yuan & increase of 34.07%
   - Increased by 5.13% & 0.4507
   - 3.039 billion yuan & increase of 12.24%
   - 1.261 billion yuan & increase of 9.86%

In 2022, the operating revenue was 1.541 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 52.75% (1.009 billion yuan)
Net profit attributable to shareholders was 132.6 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 5.13% (126.1 million yuan)
The net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company was 113.7 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 34.07% (84.9 million yuan)
Basic earnings per share increased by 5.13% year-on-year at 0.4507 (0.4287)
Total assets of 3.039 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 12.24% (2.708 billion yuan)
Net assets of 1.261 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 9.86% (1.149 billion yuan)

3. Business strategy
1) Focusing on main business and achieving sustained growth in performance

The newly signed orders amounted to approximately 2.461 billion yuan, an increase of 36.72% compared to last year, mainly from industries such as new energy, food cold chain, textiles, semiconductors, high-tech ceramics, new materials, and cross-border e-commerce.

New energy industry
The order volume increased by 147% year-on-year, serving domestic customers such as CATL, BYD, SINOMATECH, BTR, SUNTECH, HINABATTERY, as well as foreign end customers such as Kyocera and Automotive Cells Company (ACC).

Cold chain industry
Order volume increased by 71.00% year-on-year; New projects for fresh food and prefabricated cold storage, such as Jingdezhen Central Kitchen and Vanke Cold Chain Fuheng Logistics Park; Cold chain operation and maintenance projects such as Yihai Jiali and Xiasha Cold Chain.

E-commerce industry
The order amount is approximately 248 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 213.15%. Among them, the domestic e-commerce order volume increased by 23.86% year-on-year, and the cross-border e-commerce order volume increased by 461.26% year-on-year. The main customers include SHEIN, CDF, JD, etc.

Paper product manufacturing industry
The order amount was 363 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 336.07%.
Textile industry

The order amount was 135 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 424.48%.

2) Intelligent factories are steadily landing, and new production capacity is gradually releasing
Anhui Inform Factory has introduced the MES production process management system, achieving digital and visual management of production processes, and increasing production capacity by 15%.

Jiangxi Inform Factory can achieve a production capacity of 1000 sets of stacker cranes per year upon initial production, and a production capacity of 2000 sets of stacker cranes per year upon full production.

The infrastructure of Thailand's Inform factory has been completed and production is imminent.

The company has large-scale production capacity for three types of products: rackings, shuttles, and stacker cranes, and the production capacity is gradually being released.

2-13) Adhere to technological innovation and enter the semiconductor field
ROBOTECH, a subsidiary of the company, has overcome multiple technical difficulties and provided innovative and breakthrough intelligent logistics automation solutions for the semiconductor industry in the production and manufacturing of large-diameter silicon wafers for integrated circuits, meeting customer requirements for achieving pollution-free and real-time traceability of wafer materials throughout the entire process. This marks an effective breakthrough in semiconductor wafer automated storage and also marks the company's official entry into the semiconductor field, empowering semiconductor enterprises with intelligent logistics automation solutions.

4) Utilize the spirit of craftsmanship to create domestic and international automation benchmark projects
The Huangshi Intelligent Warehouse Project of State Grid Corporation of China has been successfully completed
, with a main functional area of approximately 5000 square meters. The overall project adopts the solution of "four-way radio shuttle system+four-way multi shuttle system+AGV system+WMS+WCS+Eagle Eye 3D visualization platform system". We have achieved visualization, digitization, and intelligent operation and management of the warehousing system. Compared to ordinary warehousing, we have reduced the warehouse area by 2500 square meters, reduced rental costs by 50%, increased overall inventory capacity by 1.6 times, and improved operational efficiency by 2.2 times.

The Japan Kyocera Group project
, one of the Fortune 500 companies, was founded by Kazuo Inamori, one of the "Four Saints of Business" in Japan. ROBOTECH provides a automated storage system for its solar+energy storage market battery factory in Osaka, Japan, achieving automation, digitization, and intelligent management of the entire production and storage process, helping to solve pain points such as high cost, low efficiency, multiple processes, and complex material management, reducing costs and increasing efficiency, and achieving efficient connection and collaboration between production lines and equipment.


5) Management reform to improve the management structure for business expansion
Optimize organizational structure: Establish the organizational structure of one center and three business units of the Inform Group, namely the Enterprise Management Center, Automation Business Unit, Stacker crane Business Unit, and Racking Business Unit.

6) Leading edge technological innovation, assisting in updating and iterating at the technical level
The company has deeply applied advanced technologies such as digital twin, data middle platform, 5G communication, artificial intelligence, Industrial Internet, and launched a digital twin platform integrating artificial intelligence, edge computing, big data, industrial 5G, and visual technology.

7) Talent echelon construction to provide the driving force for sustainable development
Optimize the talent cultivation mechanism, promote talent cultivation and echelon construction, carry out training at all levels in an orderly manner, accelerate the introduction of high-tech talents, and support the company's higher development strategy.

8) Strengthen brand influence and marketing system construction
The Inform brand and the ROBOTECH brand have won multiple honorable titles, including "Excellent Intelligent Logistics Brand Enterprise", "Recommended Brand for Logistics Technology Equipment", "Frontier Technology Award for Intelligent Logistics Industry", "Product Technology Innovation Award for Intelligent Logistics Industry", and "Brand Award for Intelligent Logistics Industry Strength".

Inform Storage has been recognized as a "specialized, refined, and innovative" enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and ROBOTECH has been selected as a service-oriented manufacturing demonstration enterprise (platform) in Jiangsu Province. It has been recognized by the international authoritative logistics and supply chain research and consulting company Logistics IQ as one of the top three global top 20 stacker crane manufacturing and production enterprises.


4. S
ocial responsibility
From March to April 2022, the city of Ma'anshan was closed due to the epidemic. Inform Storage overcame multiple difficulties and took multiple measures to resume work and production! At the same time, charitable donations have helped the Ma'anshan area fight against the epidemic, interpreting corporate responsibility through practical actions, and receiving praise from all sectors of society.


5. K
ey industries

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