Congratulation! ROBOTECH Proposes Design of Ultra-long Truss Stacker Crane


The mechanical design and R&D experts of ROBOTECH Engineering Center proposed the design of the industry-leading ultra-long truss-type stacker crane. It demonstrated the innovative R&D demonstration of the truss-type stacker crane in the non-standard customization of the intelligent warehousing system, in which the size of the goods carried far exceeds that of conventional goods such as general pallet materials. Directly hit the pain points of industrial application with advanced academic achievements.

The treatise has been successfully published in the industry authoritative academic journal “Logistics Technology and Application”, which fully confirms that ROBOTECH has been recognized by academic authorities in terms of innovation ability and technical strength of stacker crane products and equipment.

The treatise mainly describes the stacker crane used for transporting goods between truss-type steel structure racking. The walking direction and fork direction of this type of stacker crane are different from those of conventional stacker cranes, and the roadway is changed at the top of the racking. The width of the metal structure of this type of stacker crane is very large, and the loading platform is very wide. The size of the goods it carries far exceeds that of conventional goods such as general pallet materials. This kind of goods can no longer meet the requirements of picking up goods using traditional cranes or conventional stacker cranes. In response to these special needs, this ultra-long truss-type stacker crane can fully meet the requirements. On the premise of ensuring product functions, the design of the super-long truss-type stacker crane is completed, which improves the utilization rate of storage space.


1. Structural Design

Due to the special specifications of the steel pipe structure and other goods, the length is very long, which has far exceeded the size of the international pallet. Therefore, the width of the metal structure and the loading platform needs to be widened, and the static load deflection of the structure is much larger than that of the conventional stacker crane. In response to this non-standard mechanical structure, ROBOTECH proposed in the article that strict calculation and software analysis should be carried out in the process of development and design to ensure the rigidity of the structure and solve the problem of picking deviation and operation caused by excessive deflection.

2-1-1-12. Design of Electromechanical Combination Device

In this stacker crane design, reliable laser ranging and address recognition are used for position determination, and the positioning accuracy can reach ±3mm. For cargo, the cargo position detection device is equipped with multiple sets of sensors such as over height, over width, collapsed shape, and cargo detection. Not only that, the stacker crane also has chain break detection and weighing detection functions. Four detection sensors are used to detect the chain. When the chain is broken, the sensor alarm is triggered and the equipment stops running. A load cell is installed under the chain fixing rod. When the load quality exceeds the rated load, the load cell alarm is triggered.


With the gradual saturation of the demand for conventional warehouses, traditional stacker cranes can no longer fully meet the needs of modern industrial development, and the demand for special models of stacker cranes in special industry markets is increasing. In this treatise, the method of finite element analysis and project trial production verification is adopted, and the influence of factors such as excessive deflection of the truss-type stacker crane and the asynchronous deviation of the driving wheel is considered. The ultra-long truss-type stacker crane can meet the needs of use and make the equipment run stably and reliably.




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Post time: Jun-09-2022

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