The Upgrade Road of Tongda Logistics Warehousing: Automated Warehouse


Tongda Group Holdings Limited was established in 1978 and is a listed company on the main board of Hong Kong. It is engaged in the development and application of precision molds and new materials for consumer electronic appliances.


1. Towards a New Production Model of Industry 4.0
In order to keep up with the pace of Industry 4.0 and adapt to future development needs, Tongda has chosen to work with ROBOTECH to build a highly automated smart factory.

From the preliminary design to the completion of the construction project, including equipment installation, commissioning and initial operation going smoothly. Using first-class integrated logistics concept, advanced control, bus, communication (wireless, infrared, etc.), it automatically operates in and out-of-warehouse operations controlled by computer, can automatically realize receiving, grouping, Inbound, outbound, picking, inventory maintenance, delivery, inventory statistics and alarms, report generation and other functions.

The WMS/WCS system in the automated warehouse can be networked with Tongda’s original ERP system to update inventory information in real time, so that company leaders can formulate corresponding strategies and plans based on inventory information, and direct, detect and adjust the company’s production activities.


2. ROBOTECH Solutions
Due to the limited space, the automated warehouse of the project needs to be located between the two plants, and it needs to meet the logistics needs of the two plants at the same time. It is used to store foreign raw materials, hardware, semi-finished products, and finished products. At the same time, it needs to prepare materials for the production workshops on the 1st to 4th floors of the two production plants.




     – Conveying system
     - 4 elevators
     - 170 boxes/h.
     - Pallet automated warehouse  &  Box automated warehouse
     - 4 double-column and double-deep stacker cranes
     - 7,500 pallet positions     3,480 cargo spaces


According to the needs, process flow and plant structure, ROBOTECH carries out the overall planning of the automated warehouse:


The entire smart factory has two floors, all of which are equipped with a conveying system. WCS dispatches 4 elevators to connect with corresponding conveyors for conveying/handling between floors, and the in-out efficiency reaches 170 boxes/h.


The main function of the first floor is the incoming storage of raw materials, hardware and purchased parts and the outgoing of finished products. The layout of this layer includes the warehousing stacking and wrapping area, the pre-warehouse conveying area, the warehousing dismantling area, and the automated warehouse storage area. The automated warehouse storage area includes the pallet automated warehouse and the box automated warehouse.


Pallet automated warehouse
The pallet automated warehouse is 23m high and has a total length of 83m. It can be accessed by 4 double-column and double-deep stacker cranes, which can accommodate nearly 7,500 pallet positions in total.


Box automated warehouse
The box automated warehouse is 15m high, and can store 3,480 cargo spaces through three multi shuttle systems and the hoist at the end of the roadway.




The main function of the second floor is the picking and stocking of raw materials, hardware and purchased parts, and the storage of semi-finished and finished products delivered from the workshop. The layout of this floor includes the transportation and handling area in front of the warehouse, the picking area, and the transportation and docking between floors.


3. Project Effects
Smart Factory has helped Tongda improve customer service levels and improve employee working environment, work efficiency and accuracy:
   ▪ Automatic sorting according to customer requirements and tags
   ▪ The system interface is open, compatible with various business systems such as MES/ERP
   ▪ Ergonomic workstation for increased operator safety and comfort
   ▪ Improve accuracy and traceability
   ▪ Modular design to meet future expansion needs
   ▪ Highly automated and maximized storage
   ▪ The logistics system is closely integrated with the production process and has high reliability




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