Access to New Energy Lithium Battery Materials by Intelligent Warehouse Solution


1. Factory
Warehousing Needs to be Upgraded
A world-renowned battery anode and cathode material group, as a prominent R&D and manufacturer of new energy materials in the industry, is committed to providing the best solutions for lithium battery anode and cathode materials. The group plans to build a lithium battery high-nickel ternary cathode material production base with an annual capacity of 50,000 tons in Changzhou. The group cooperated with ROBOTECH to improve the intelligence, informatization and automation level of the factory by implementing an advanced intelligent warehousing system.

2. ROBOTECH Provides Intelligent Warehouse Solutions
The project needs to plan and complete functional modules such as warehousing, packaging, transportation, and office, so as to improve the efficiency of logistics turnover and management in the factory, and save production and management costs. ROBOTECH provides raw material warehouse system, finished product warehouse system, conveying system, air shower system, pallet changing system, AGV system and packaging system and other warehousing and logistics equipment and software management systems such as WMS/WCS. It includes 9 stacker cranes , 2 AGVs and supporting conveyor lines and other core logistics equipment to complete the automated and intelligent warehousing process of lithium battery cathode raw materials and finished products.


Automated warehouse system

- 3,000 square meters
Net height of 22 meters
5 pallet stacker cranes & 3,700 locations & 120 pallets/h
4 pallet stacker cranes & 3,100 locations & 220 pallets/h
25 pallets/h & 90 pallets/h
180 pallets/h & 1500kg/ pallet

The entire automated warehouse covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters, with a net height of 22 meters. According to functional requirements, it is divided into two floors, the first floor is for finished goods in and out and raw materials inbound, and the second floor is for raw materials outbound and empty pallet back to the warehouse.

Among them, the raw material warehouse is designed with 5 pallet stacker cranes, with a total of more than 3,700 locations, and the finished product warehouse is designed with 4 pallet stacker cranes, with a total of more than 3,100 locations. The raw material inbound line can reach the inbound efficiency of 120 pallets/h, and the warehouse can complete 220 pallets/h of incoming and outgoing materials; The finished product inbound efficiency is 25 pallets/h, the finished product outgoing packaging line efficiency is 90 pallets/h, and the warehouse can complete 180 pallets/h of in and out operations, with a load of 1500kg/ pallet.

Conveyor system

• Raw material warehouse

Design 3 automatic storage lines on the first floor of the raw material warehouse with functions of automatic labeling, film wrapping, roof covering, air shower and pallet change; Conveying lines for feeding in and out of storage are set up on the first floor and the second floor respectively. A ring conveyor line is used at the feeding port, and the feeding buffer position is set to ensure the continuity of production. All stainless steel drum lines and drum rotary tables are used.

• Finished product warehouse

Equipped with 2 AGVs for finished product warehousing and pallet supply. After the material is discharged, the carrying roller AGV carries the goods between the production, packaging and storage areas for conveying. Outbound design Three fully automatic packaging and outbound lines complete the packaging and delivery of finished products, with automatic labeling, film wrapping, top covering, air shower and pallet replacement functions.

WCS/WMS system

Comprehensive information management is carried out according to the logistics system of the automated production line to realize the functions of incoming inspection, storage, inventory, quality management, automatic in-out and out of storage, intelligent distribution, seamless docking of workshop material transportation and other functions of raw materials and finished products. It can be seamlessly connected with ERP and MES systems to realize unified management and resource sharing, and fully meet the functions of enterprise information exchange and resource sharing platform.

3. Customized Innovation
Due to the special type of goods, the production equipment needs to be controlled for metal foreign bodies, and the goods will expand and collapse when stored for a long time. Therefore, the design of the equipment should meet the dimensional compatibility requirements according to the actual situation.

6-1Storage ton bag container

ROBOTECH has overcome technical difficulties by adopting an air shower system to isolate the internal and external environment, and using stainless steel, aluminum alloy or spray paint to coat the exterior parts of the equipment, and has completed the technological innovation in the lithium battery material industry.




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