The New Year Symposium of INFORM Installation Department was successfully held!


1. Hot discussion
Struggle to create history, hard work to achieve the future. Recently, NANJING INFORM STORAGE EQUIPMENT (GROUP) CO.,LTD held a symposium for the installation department, aiming to commend advanced person and understand the problems during the installation process to improve, strengthen communication with various departments, enhance the image of installation, promote the improvement of installation management capabilities, achieve goals more efficiently, and improve customer satisfaction in project delivery!

INFORM has 10 installation departments with a total of more than 350 installers, and more than 20 professional installation companies with long-term cooperation, that can undertake more than 40 installation projects at the same time. Since its establishment, our installation department has undertaken more than 10,000 storage projects and accumulated rich installation experience. INFORM regards on-site installation as a continuation of the production process and adopts a series of measures to ensure the end quality of the product. First, INFORM guarantees installation quality and safety by standardizing installation management behavior, train installation personnel in diversity, and establish an installation team with professional construction qualifications. Second, INFORM has built a coordinated and unified installation management structure for all departments to ensure the quality and effect of the installation.

With the determination to strive for perfection, the patience of perseverance, the loyalty of loving one’s work, the loyalty of devotion, the craftsmanship of installation skills, INFORM installation teams are not afraid of severe cold and heat for a long time, and provide customers with high-quality installation services with superb installation technology!

Training and internal communication
INFORM Installation Department summarized the installation work in 2020 and trained four points at the meeting:
Develop the project master plan;
Develop standard format of work log;
Improvement of project site construction plan;
On-site easy-to-present problem solutions.

Performance summary and recognition

At the meeting, President Jin proposed: ①Develop a daily installation plan and arrange shipments according to the daily installation plan. ②Focus on personnel training and build a professional and efficient installation team: to strengthen capacity training, improve incentive mechanisms, and strengthen supervision.

Subsequently, Director Tao of the Installation Department summarized the installation performance in 2020 and clarified the main tasks in 2021 of focusing on: improving the quality of installation, standardizing the installation process, increasing safety management, paying attention to construction details, rectifying the site environment, and improving performance appraisal.

2. Site safety and quality
■Safety first
Safety awareness is publicized every morning, potential safety hazards are notified, and random inspections are organized regularly. Improve the configuration of labor protection and safety facilities: safety helmets, five-point safety belts, labor protection shoes, etc.;

■On-site standardized management
Every installation site should hang with management board and police identification tape, the site is kept tidy and clean, and dust must be removed when drilling;

■Installation process and specifications
The screws of all projects are marked with anti-looseness, and the welding of the top and the ground rail is strictly carried out in accordance with the process flow. The ground needs to be roughened before the cement is poured, and the ground subsidence observation point must be made during the self-inspection and acceptance;

■summary report
Quality problems found on site and structures that can be improved should be reflected timely; summarize the special project, deliver summary report to the installation center and then to the decomposition department.

■Venue confirmation
Communicate and avoid the following problems in advance: the road is not completed, the roof is not completed, and the delivery time of the site is determined;

■Material confirmation
Check the material delivery plan with the project manager, and determine the installation process and installation day plan according to the approximate delivery cycle and the project installation schedule requirements;

■Installation labor day efficiency
Reduce abnormalities, rationally arrange the distribution of materials and personnel division of labor; use advanced installation tools and installation techniques to improve work efficiency.

3. Team management
■Recruitment, training and attendance
Expand the team, and undertake more projects; Strengthen daily report and attendance management, and enable standard daily report mode.

■Examination System
The installation leader and the installation manager share the management subsidy; The installation leader can formally participate in the insurance, five insurances and one housing fund; The installation leader leads by example and is a good leader.

The success of INFORM in 2020 is inseparable from the hard work of the installation center. After the summary, INFORM commends the outstanding installation manager and installation leader, and President Jin issues an honorary certificate. The award-winning colleagues unanimously stated that they will live up to the honor and devote themselves to their own work with more enthusiasm, delve into technology, give full play to their advantages, and drive more colleagues to work actively.


At the end of the meeting, the installation center communicated with the sales department and the technical department. The participating colleagues actively responded to various difficult construction problems during the work process, and the technical department colleagues made detailed answers, and carried out comprehensive discussions on various unexpected problems, as well as how to communicate effectively between departments and discussed the establishment of corresponding coordination mechanisms.

New year, new life. INFORM will continue to make in-depth adjustments to improve customer satisfaction and complete installation tasks in a timely and efficient manner; at the same time, it puts the shaping of employees’ brand awareness, service awareness, and improvement of work skills in the first place; continuously promotes iterative upgrades of products and services to create more professionalism service team.

Post time: May-06-2021

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