How does Shuttle Mover System Help Food Industry Solve Problems?


The shuttle mover system solution solves a series of problems for enterprises, such as a large increase in order processing volume, low efficiency in outbound, and complex picking operations. It avoids working in an environment of minus 25°, and provides a good working environment for workers.

1. Project Overview

- 4 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers
4 layers storage
1 set of inbound and outbound conveying equipment
2 sets of vertical cargo conveyors
64 pallets/hour
- M
inus 25 degrees

The warehouse is used as a cold storage for storing food. In order to effectively reduce the cooling cost and maximize the storage capacity, a dense storage system of shuttle and shuttle mover is adopted. The project is planned to have 1 roadway, 4 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers, 4 layers storage, 1 set of inbound and outbound conveying equipment, and 2 sets of vertical cargo conveyors. Realize fully automatic in and out of warehouse.

The system can operate at minus 25 degrees, and realizes a series of automatic operations from depalletizing, warehousing, storage and delivery of products.


  • With the expansion of business, the order processing volume of enterprises has increased significantly.
  • Warehouses that operate manually will face many difficulties: low efficiency, complex operations, and harsh working environments.

The main purpose of the research and development of the shuttle and shuttle mover is to locate an efficient intelligent storage system, and its in-out efficiency can reach 64 pallets/hour. For enterprises with rapidly increasing business volume, shuttle mover system is a very suitable solution.

2. Access Strategy for Shuttle Mover System


Inbound strategy:
The warehouse of the shuttle and shuttle mover usually combines the intelligent partition strategy when allocating the inbound roadway, and uses the principle of moving in to the nearest. After the inbound roadway is determined, the filling principle is adopted, that is, the drive-in allocation strategy is adopted for the cargo space in the roadway.

Outbound strategy:
When allocating outbound roadways, various principles such as material FIFO, and moving out to the nearest are usually used for comprehensive balance treatment. After the outbound roadway is determined, the principle of emptying is adopted, combined with the logistics planning and design, and the strategies of FIFO and FILO in the roadway are implemented.

Relocation strategy:
Through the combined operation of shuttles and conveyors, it is possible to flexibly relocate between various warehouse areas, floors and roadways of the dense warehouse, which is convenient for customers to flexibly manage warehouses and allocate materials.

Tally strategy:
Through the organic combination of information software, electronic control system and logistics equipment. The shuttle can be dispatched to transfer the pallets at the back end of the aisle to the front end of the outbound pickup in sequence. Improve logistics efficiency and outbound capacity.

3. Applicable Industries
The shuttle mover system is widely used in cold chain food, chemical industry, new energy, wine, ceramics, home furnishing, communication, electricity, new retail and other industries.


1). The modular design of equipment realizes system automation, which is a perfect
combination of intensive storage and intelligent system of warehousing.
 Additional equipment in the later stage can expand the efficiency of warehouse entry/warehousing, realize the upgrading

of the semi-automatic shuttle racking system, and interconnect with production and logistics systems;

3). Shipping mode: FIFO/FIFO;
4). The requirements for the layout of the warehouse building, the height of the floor and the load are significantly


5). The layout combination is very flexible, and it can realize non-continuous floor,

multi-area layout, and realize fully automatic storage.

The shuttle mover system can maximize the storage space in a limited area, and has the characteristics of low investment cost and high return. It can comprehensively strengthen the level of enterprise logistics management, provide data support for auxiliary decision-making analysis for production and sales, reduce labor costs, and ultimately achieve the purpose of improving the core competitiveness of enterprises.

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