How does Nanjing Inform Storage Group Build an Efficient and Intelligent Chemical Logistics Warehouse?


Nanjing Inform Storage Group and Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement on the design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of the automated warehouse system. The project adopts the shuttle mover system solution, which is mainly composed of through-type dense racks,radio shuttles, shuttle movers, reciprocating elevators, layer-changing elevators, in-out storage conveyor lines and computer control systems.

1.Customer Introduction

Inner Mongolia Chengxin Yongan Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in November 2012 with a registered capital of 100 million yuan. It is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the production, operation and research and development activities of downstream fine chemical products of natural gas. The company has domestic and foreign advanced production equipment, inspection and testing instruments, high-quality management, production, inspection personnel and mature production technology. The product quality has reached the international advanced level.

2. Project Overview

   - Shuttle mover system
   -  3,000 square meters
   - 6 layers and 6,204 cargo spaces
   - 1 shuttle mover lane
   - 4 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers
   - 3 sets of pallet elevators
   - 1 shuttle mover elevator
   -  I
n-out and out-of-storage conveying equipment

In this project, the pallets are stored in the shuttle mover system. The total area of the warehouse is 3,000 square meters. The plan has a total planning shelf of 6 layers and 6,204 cargo spaces. Through 1 shuttle mover lane, 4 sets of shuttle and shuttle movers, 3 sets of pallet elevators, 1 shuttle mover elevator, and in-out and out-of-storage conveying equipment, the function of automatic in-out and out of the warehouse can be realized. Pallet labels use barcodes for information management. Before warehousing, the overall dimension detection and weighing are designed to ensure the safe warehousing of goods.

System operation capacity: 5 pallets/hour for storage (24 hours for storage), 75 pallets/hour for outgoing (8 hours for outgoing).

Scheme layout:


Schematic diagram of the inbound process:4-1-1-1Schematic diagram of outbound process5-1-1-13. Shuttle Mover System
The shuttle mover system warehouse is different from the stacker crane automated warehouse. It is an innovative fully automatic and intensive automated warehouse, which maximizes the utilization rate of warehouse space and can meet the customer's greater efficiency requirements for materials in and out of the warehouse.

Main working principle:

  1. Inbound: After the WMS warehouse management system receives the information of the inbound goods, it allo-cates the cargo space according to the characteristics of the goods and generates a warehousing instruction, and the WCS control system dispatches the relevant equipment to automatically send the goods to the designated loc-ation;
  2. Outbound: After the WMS warehouse management system receives the outbound goods information, it generates outbound instructions according to the location of the stored goods, and dispatches the relevant equipment throug-h the WCS control system to automatically send the goods to the outbound side;

Assignment style:
The roadway aisles is used as the storage unit, the main aisles is used as the transport path, and the access operation is free; according to the layout of the roadway, it can be divided into: two-side layout and middle layout.

Shuttle movers and tracks are arranged on both sides of the shuttle racking:
  · Radio shuttle operation mode: first in first out (FIFO);

  · In-out mode: one-side inbound, one-side outbound;
Shuttle movers and tracks are arranged in the middle of the shuttle racking:
  · Radio shuttle operation mode: first in, last out (FILO);
  · In-out mode: the inbound and outbound are all on one side;

System advantage features:

  1. Perfect combination of intensive storage and automation system;
  2. Fully automated storage of batch pallets;
  3. It can systematically upgrade the semi-automatic forklift access shuttle racks, interconnect with production and logistics systems, and achieve seamless connection;
  4. Low requirements for warehouse building layout and floor height in the warehouse;
  5. Flexible storage layout, multi-floor and regional layout, to achieve fully automated storage;

4. Project Benefits

  1. The type of warehouse storage items is cyanide, and the warehouse is unmanned. The warehouse storage equip-ment is required to have zero or very low faults, so as to avoid personnel entering and leaving the warehouse to repair equipment and contact with hazardous chemicals;
  2. The working time of the warehouse is 24H, and it is connected with the production line. The warehouse storage equ-ipment is required to have zero or very low failures to avoid affecting the production line;
  3. Intensive storage makes full use of warehouse space;
  4. The inbound and outbound locations are flexible. The customer warehouse is a long-strip warehouse, and the in-outlocations are in the middle of the warehouse's length direction. The shuttle mover system scheme is adopted, which can meet the customer's requirements for the in-out location with the least line body. The requirements of traditional stacker cranes cannot be met.

Through the WMS/WCS control system, the two-way radio shuttle, the shuttle mover, the hoist, the conveyor and other equipment are fully automated. The forklift passage and auxiliary space are cancelled, which greatly improves the density of materials in the warehouse, saves the time for forklifts to access materials, and reduces the working time of workers, while meeting customers' requirements for high-density storage and efficient access to materials.





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