Intelligent Logistics Warehouse Improves Efficiency of Inbound and Outbound Warehouses


With the introduction of Industry 4.0, my country’s iron and steel industry has been exploring intelligent hoisting and unmanned construction in the warehouse area. The stacking method and spreader of the steel coil warehouse can no longer meet the demand. The automated warehouse for horizontal storage of steel coils is undoubtedly a breakthrough measure to promote the intelligent upgrading of production equipment in the steel industry.

1-1Stacked storage mode of traditional steel coils

1. Unique logistics needs
Guangdong Jiahe New Materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Jiahe”) focuses on the research and development and processing of metal materials. With the continuous increase of internal coil inventory, Jiahe is faced with such pain points as chaotic management of warehousing mode, timeliness of production line distribution, low space utilization, and low security, and it is in urgent need of intelligent upgrade.
In the early stage of the project, after thorough research and communication, ROBOTECH learned about the product characteristics, then planned the technical route and gradually improved the entire solution.


2. Smart logistics system construction

  • Technical route
    Overall integration: Racking system + stacker crane system + conveyor system + RGV system + WMS, WCS, PLC software system;
    Non-standard customization of equipment and trays for heavy-duty, different-sized coils.
  • Solution
    The entire intelligent logistics warehouse covers an area of about 2422 m², of which the automated warehouse area covers an  area of about1297 m². In the storage area with a roadway length of about 100 meters and a height of about 25 meters, 2 sets of   stacker crane systems have been designed and planned, including a total of more than 2,000 cargo spaces. Each cargo space bears 5000KG, and the monthly outbound flow can reach 13000T.

3. Key equipment to help development
Compared with the general automatic automated warehouse, the most obvious difference between the steel coil warehouse is the weight, and the ROBOTECH BULL (Bull series) stacker crane system is the most ideal equipment for handling heavy loads, with high stability and high reliability. It perfectly matches the needs of the project. In order to ensure the efficiency of each transportation, the stacker crane adopts advanced variable frequency motor to ensure the optimal driving time, and the horizontal and vertical movement can be carried out at the same time, reducing the access time.

In terms of material distribution, ROBOTECH has fully considered the layout of the workshop, and designed the “one-track double RGV, intermediate transition connection” mode to realize the distribution of aluminum coils from the warehouse to the recovery of tailings/re-exit, pallet/pallet group recycling and other functions. While satisfying efficiency, it can improve the flexibility and timeliness of distribution and reduce costs. One-track two-vehicle requires the safety design of the electrical system to be in place, and also puts forward higher requirements for the flexibility of the dispatching system to ensure that the RGV will not have a “collision” and other situations while being flexibly transported.

In the design of the shelves, because the net height of the civil works cannot be expanded at 24m, in order to meet the planning requirements of 10 floors and the load capacity of each cargo space is not less than 5T, C-sigma beams are used on the beams of the shelf system of the automated warehouse. Different from ordinary cohesive beams, C-sigma beams have the following advantages:

  • Novel structural design: The use of C-sigma beams for automated automated warehouse shelves has become a mainstream design product in overseas markets. It is different from the structural form ofconventional cohesive beams in China. The cohesion beam is a single beam attachment type, and the length of the C-sigma beam can meet 3~4 cargo cells;
  • Save overall height and space: the weight of a single pallet of aluminum coils in this project reaches 5T, and the conventional cohesive beam specifications need to reach a height of 140~160mm and a thickness of 1.5mm. C-sigma beams only need a height of 120mm and a thickness of 2.0mm;
  • More environmentally friendly: conventional embracing beams need to be welded with hanging claws and then sprayed on the surface. C-sigma uses galvanized raw materials, no need to spray, just buy raw materials for roll forming;
  • Convenient hoisting structure: Unlike conventional rack installation, C-sigma beam racks are assembled on the ground and then hoisted as a whole, reducing the overall installation cost.

After the project was put into use, the inventory efficiency of Jiahe warehouse was increased by 5 times, and the overall management of raw materials and tailings in the automated warehouse was also clearer and more standardized. The degree of automation, informatization and intelligence was greatly improved, which reduced management costs and improved Inbound and outbound efficiency.

The development of the iron and steel metallurgy industry is in full swing. In the storage application of heavy-duty coils, automatic warehouse storage is an inevitable trend of future development. With customized design and development and full-process service capabilities, ROBERTECH will empower enterprises to upgrade their intelligent manufacturing, help industrial development, effectively solve problems and difficulties for customers, and achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement.





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